About Megan

I am the Founding Director of The Grounding Stone, a queer-owned counselling center and community space in East Vancouver that provides counselling services and workshops to the community facilitated by a diverse group of counsellors.

I have been an active resident of the Coast Salish Territories/Vancouver for over 20 years. Prior to my counselling career, I worked in various capacities with a focus on guiding meaningful connection, overcoming trauma, and advocating for individuals facing stigma and systemic discrimination. I have worked with marginalized populations including queer and trans* folks, immigrants, older adults, individuals approaching end of life, and individuals living with dementia and HIV.

I was raised in the prairies, where I first encountered knowledge and skills around survival, and the need for community. Upon leaving Alberta, I spent a number of years both living overseas, and facilitating exploratory ventures around the world, from Charlottetown to Shanghai. I guided clients on journeys of self-discovery beyond the safety and comfort of their own homes. Through this exposure, many of my clients learned to create that sense of safety within themselves. My clients experienced an evolution of empowerment, and I witnessed a deepening in how they came to value both themselves and the world around them.

I have had the honor of guiding thousands of individuals on their journeys abroad. As a result, I have developed a deep appreciation for the beauty, pain, and texture of diverse backgrounds and life stories. This mosaic of shared lived experience greatly informs the way in which I honor and acknowledge my counselling clients today.

Areas of Interest:

  • Anti-oppression and awareness of systemic impacts on health and wellness
  • Non-traditional, non-monogamous, and polyamorous relationships
  • Gender identity and expression
  • BDSM and kink-friendly counselling
  • Queer, trans, LGBTQ2SI, all-gender counselling
  • Trauma and abuse related to religion
  • Trauma and abuse related to oppression and systems of non-acceptance
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Grief and loss

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All cultures through all time have constantly been engaged in a dance with new possibilities for life. Change is the one constant in human history.

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